Søren Eppler is an international singer/songwriter

and expert in writing and performing songs

          around environmental, human, heart & consciousness development issues.                 

              Internationally he has written songs for the UN                                                          

and amongst many places performed at The Earth Summit in Rio Brazil

    as well as

the United Nations Childrens Millenium Conference in England                                     with participants from 111 countries !

Moreover Søren Eppler has performed with his song "Me and You" 

        in the European Parliament for more than 1000 mayors 

                             from all over Europe!


In november 2021 Søren Eppler performed in UK in relation to the COP26 - at a conference in Mumford University 

In 2022 he is working on the first recording and releasing-levels of a triple-album in english - More on that below

Me and  You

Generally and poetically spoken Epplers natural and super-natural songs contain musical styles and textual inspiration from continents and cultures all over the world. The songs are bound together by subtle humor and poetic, deep, heart-opening and profound now-and-here-meaning.

Together with the National Danish Television (DR-TV) Søren Eppler has released an album with the (translated) title "Flowers for a Starchild" while performing at the national danish television with music-videos all in all more than 5o times

During reasent years he has released a dozen of songs via YouTube-videos: Amongst others:

"Step into the Light ( A New World has Begun) -

and he has truly and really initiated his artistic and soul-filled calling, purpose and ambition with a vision and plan of

10 albums in connection -

7 albums in danish and 3 albums in english 

For many years Søren Eppler has perfomed at the World-View-festival in Aarhus, Denmark - and amongst many songs performed there , giving final birth to danish songs like "Fred i Jerusalem" (= "Peace in Jerusalem" )  - and english songs like "united nations"  - connecting that last song to the 17 UN-global goals

From the beginning of 2019 and all through 2019 he moreover has performed at several global Climate Strike-events, debuting songs like "If you wanna change the world", releasing a video with that song

and in danish he performed with songs like "Frihed" (= "Freedom" ) and  

"Det der samler Verdens folk i Et" ( = "That which connects all people on Earth" ) 

In september 2019 he opened the all-vegan-festival "Grønnere Koncert " ( =More Green Concert(!) ) with songs like "All Rights Reserved", "Me and You" and again:  "If you wanna change the world"

In 2020 , on the 50th anniversary for the global Earth Day , on april 22th, he released his song and YouTube-video called "Earth Day"

whilst all through the corona-lockdown in 2020 releasing several danish-languaged song-videos on the internet and having a song of his performed at the national danish television, too

In 2020-2021, he has more publicly been re-leasing his 7-album and book-project called "nu"( = now )

in danish language - with "nu-/un-plugged"-versions of the music -

and will follow up in 2022  with more about the triple-album in english with the title "un"

A lot more about that in the newly opened streaming-portal: www.soereneppler.nu

Summa Summarum:  Eppler is currenty also working on a triple-album-project with english words and songs - to follow up on his 7-album-project in danish

a vision he saw very early in his life - and which now seems to come to fruition

Much More Music and news to follow in 2022 !

Enjoy :-)

Søren Eppler is currenty working on a triple-album-project with english words and songs!

Søren Eppler is currenty working on a triple-album-project with english words and songs!

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